USABA Sports Clubs

2017 USABA Sports Club Eligibility Requirements and Benefits

What is a USABA Sports Club?

USABA Sport Clubs are non-profit organizations, state and local government agencies, athletic clubs, sports teams and any groups of USABA members or athletes who are interested in providing sports opportunities for people who are blind and visually impaired in their community. These opportunities can be sport clinics, support for local athletes, regular sports practices, and participation in regional and national USABA events and competitions. Any group that is interested in regular recreation or competition is eligible to become a member of USABA’s Sport Club program and enjoy the benefits that come along with being part of Team USABA. We encourage groups that are not affiliated with an existing organization or agency to incorporate as a 501(c)(3) in order to achieve non-profit status; however, this is not a requirement for sports club membership.


  • USABA Sports Club membership is open to community-based programs serving the blind and visually impaired, federal, state and private agencies.
  • Potential USABA Sports Clubs must complete and submit the membership application contained in the USABA Sports Club Handbook.
  • USABA Sports Clubs must agree to ensure individual participants in any USABA Club activities are current USABA members.
  • USABA Sports Clubs must agree to ensure all staff members; guides/pilots who have direct supervision of athletes under the age of 18 in a program using the "USABA Sports Club" name maintain a current favorable background check.
  • Certificates of insurance for "USABA Sports Club" events will be provided at a cost of $100 per certificate.
  • Clubs must agree to comply with the provisions of the USABA Sports Club Handbook found here.  


  • Placement of your club's listing and web link in a special "USABA Sports Club" area of this website.
  • Event information for your club shared on our website and distributed to USABA members via email blasts.
  • Ability to announce your events and news on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other USABA Sports Clubs nationwide through our USABA Sports Club list serve.
  • Access to USABA technical support.
  • Eligibility to apply for USABA grants.
  • Opportunity to attend USOC Amazing Leader's Conferences and Olympic Day Programs.
  • Low cost liability insurance for sports club events.
  • Use of the "USABA Sports Club" logo.
  • USABA Sports Club membership is free.

USABA Sports Club Application Process and Recommendations for Success

What do we need to do to become a USABA Sports Club?
It's simple.  Review the USABA Sport Club Handbook (below) and complete the included application. For more details and help on becoming a USABA Sport Club, contact Membership and Outreach Coordinator, Kevin Brousard at or by phone at (719) 866-3019.

How do I make my USABA Sports Club successful?
In addition to the sports club affiliation guidelines, the following are recommendations that will help your USABA Sports Club grow:

  1. Branch out in your organization and in your community area to promote athletic and recreational participation;
  2. Initiate and maintain local, regional and national participation and drive membership into your sports club and USABA;
  3. Communicate with state and public schools, adapted physical education teachers, special education teachers, athletic directors, state physical education directors, state rehabilitation agencies, civic groups and interested volunteers to assist you in identifying and contacting individuals who are blind and visually impaired;
  4. Locate key individuals to promote interest, i.e., persons with visual impairments, attorneys, bankers, politicians, newspaper persons, etc.  If at all possible, have these professionals serve on your board of directors;
  5. List your organization in state and local resource guides, i.e., chamber of commerce, state directory for non-profit organizations and directory of agencies serving persons with visual impairments.

Why Should We Become a USABA Sports Club?

Encourage participation of athletes who are blind or visually impaired.  As a USABA Sports Club, you'll have the opportunity to conduct nationally-recognized sporting events and encourage individuals to participate in life-enriching activities, including local, national and international athletic competitions.

Provide a direct link to local athletes who are blind or visually impaired and USABA members.  As a USABA Sports Club, you'll receive important, up-to-date information that you can disseminate to interested individuals regarding local, national and international programs and events. You can assist in disseminating valuable news to those who care.

Increase the effectiveness of USABA.  You will have the opportunity to foster the mission of USABA to provide recreational opportunities through sports for the blind and visually impaired by helping to increase membership, awareness and resources. You can become one of several national leaders who are dedicated to creating positive perceptions about people with disabilities.

Connect with a national organization of clubs and athletes with interests similar to your own.   USABA recognizes that the strength of the organization lies in its members   USABA Sports Clubs are part of a nation-wide organization that can come together to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and compete against one another on the field of play, strengthening our overall ability to provide outstanding sports and recreational opportunities across the country.   USABA Sports clubs will have the ability to place information about their clubs on our national website and share thoughts, ideas, news and events through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

2017 USABA Sports Club Handbook

2017 USABA Insurance Guidelines


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