Jul 22, 2014

Rocky Mountain State Games Results

With a successful day of competition on Saturday, July 19, the Rocky Mountain State Games—a Colorado-based, multi-sport event that spans two weekends—witnessed goalball for the first time since 1990. Veterans, athletes, staff, coaches and officials from across the country attended a 3-day clinic leading up to the tournament. Five teams in total competed in the day-long competition. Congratulations to all teams who participated and to the staff, coaches, officials and volunteers that made this tournament possible.

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Below are the tournament results:

1st Place – The Peak
• Dave Bigoney
• George McDermith
• Steve Patten
• Antonio Rozier

2nd Place – The Redeemers
• Harvey Guary
• Chelsea Henrizi
• Kenta Otawa
• Elliot Parkin

3rd Place – MMMK
• Kyle Ivy
• Mark Ivy
• Mike Smith
• Maddie Stafford

4th Place – Fantastic Five
• Dave Corbett
• Karla Gilbride
• Larry Gunter
• Calvin Poole
• Cas Werda

5th Place – Mountaineers
• Chris Annis
• KC Krenzer
• Scott Land

Check out the articles and news videos from the clinic and tournament!
• KKTV 11
• KRDO 13
The Gazette


Jul 10, 2014

2014 USA Cycling Para-cycling Road National Championships Results

The 2014 USA Cycling Para-cycling Road National Championships took place in Madison, Wisconsin on July 4-6. USABA had 14 tandem teams compete with nine men’s teams and five women’s teams. Congratulations to all who competed in the road race and time trial events, to include the 2014 National Champions and medal winners. Below are all results.

Time Trial – Men’s Division

1. Clark Rachfal & David Swanson (0:34:33.83)
2. Lance Footer & Shawn Olin (0:35:11.59)
3. Chester Triplett & Reuben Howden (0:36:01.59)
4. Kurt Page & Davian Robinson (0:36:20.54)
5. Timothy Jones & Gregory Miller (0:37:30.67)
6. Kevin Meyers & Robert Springer (0:37:44.75)
7. Bradford Gildon & Tim Willison (0:38:11.91)
8. Steven Walker & Matt Carnal (0:38:50.12)
9. Gregory Hoffman & Raymond Middleton (0:41:31.12)   

Time Trial – Women’s Division
1. Shawn Cheshire & Mackenzie Woodring (0:38:53.31)
2. Karissa Whitsell & Lisa Turnbull (0:40:09.37)
3. Catherine Dickson & Kara Vatthauer (0:41:59.64)
4. Amy Dixon & Lindsey Cook (0:44:15.16)
5. Kathy Champion & Chelsea Smith (0:50:03.79)

Road Race – Men’s Division
1. Lance Footer & Shawn Olin (1:48:42.67)
2. Clark Rachfal & David Swanson (1:48:42.85)
3. Kevin Meyers & Robert Springer (1:50:38.45)
4. Chester Triplett & Reuben Howden (1:50:38.57)
5. Kurt Page & Davian Robinson (1:50:41.38)
6. Timothy Jones & Gregory Miller (1:53:42.71)
7. Bradford Gildon & Tim Willison (1:53:52.36)
8. Steven Walker & Matt Carnal (1:56:36.09)
9. Gregory Hoffman & Raymond Middleton (2:06:29.92)

Road Race – Women’s Division
1. Shawn Cheshire & Mackenzie Woodring (1:48:54.95)
2. Karissa Whitsell & Lisa Turnbull (1:54:10.17)
3. Amy Dixon & Lindsey Cook (1:55:24.14)
4. Kathy Champion & Chelsea Smith (1:59:40.67)
5. Caherine Dickson & Kara Vatthauer (DNF)


Jul 05, 2014

USA Women Win Gold, Men Win Bronze and Trip to Rio

There were smiles all around on the medal stands today as both the Men's and Women's National Teams won their respective games. The Men defeated Lithuania in the bronze medal game 4-2 and with their bronze medal also secured their spot in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games. The Women defeated Russia 3-0 to win the gold and locked in their spot in Rio during yesterday's win. The top three finishers from both the men's and women's side qualified for Rio this tournament.



"It is a tribute to the hard-work and commitment to excellence by our athletes and coaches that we have achieved outstanding success in these Championships," Mark Lucas, executive director of the US Association of Blind Athletes (USABA), said.



The U.S. Men took an early 1-0 lead when Joe Hamilton scored less than two minutes into the game. Lithuania controlled much of the rest of the half after scoring two unanswered goals and blocking a penalty shot.



Tyler Merren scored two and a half minutes into the second half to give the U.S. the equalizing goal and the momentum in the game. Merren found the net again with 5:57 left to play.



Lithuania was called for a high ball, but Tyler Merren was then penalized for a high ball on the penalty shot. Lithuania was then penalized for illegal coaching on their penalty shot and Tyler Merren was able to convert the third penalty shot and bring the score to 4-2 with just over 3 minutes to play.



Team USA stressed prior to the game that the key to their victory would be efficiency on defense and not giving up any penalties, which proved to be their downfall in yesterday's loss to Finland. They accomplished both objectives and only gave up two penalties during the game, both of which they blocked.



This win secures their spot in Rio in 2016, a goal that has eluded them for the past 6 years. And Lithuania has proven to be a tough opponent for Team USA in the past, handing them several losses over the past few years.



"We came here to accomplish that qualify...and we got it done. [And] to do it against the team that has given us so much trouble over the years makes it so much sweeter," Joe Hamilton said.



And now that their goal of qualifying has been accomplished it's time to look forward to their Paralympic performance.



"They'll get a little break to celebrate but then we'll be back to work because our ultimate goal is to win a medal in the paralympics. Hopefully a gold medal," coach Mike Lege said.



The U.S. Women won gold in a rematch game against Russia, who they lost to 0-3 during their first round robin game on Monday.



"We always know when we play Russia it's going to be a pretty tough game and we knew going into Worlds that it was going to be tough," Amanda Dennis said.



Asya Miller came out and scored in the first possession of the game, giving the U.S. an early 1-0 lead. It wasn't until there were less than 3 minutes to play in the game that another goal was scored when Dennis netted one to give the U.S. a 2-0 lead.



Russia gave up a delay of game penalty with just over five minutes to play in the game for an improper substitution. Dennis converted the shot to give the U.S. a 3-0 lead and secure the gold medal.



"We came here to qualify for Rio and we came out as World Champions and USA hasn't been World Champions since 2002, so it [feels] pretty good," Dennis said.



The women were cautious on offense, only allowing one penalty, and excellent on defense, not allowing any goals, including a blocked penalty shot.



"We still have a few things to work on," coach Ken Armbruster said, emphasizing the need to get more experience for the younger women in the program through upcoming international tournaments.



Now that both USA teams have qualified for the Paralympics they can now focus for the next two years on preparing for the Paralympics.



This is the beginning of the start of the road to Rio," John Potts, High Performance Manager for USABA, said.

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