May 28, 2015

2015 National Fitness Challenge: Request for Proposal

The United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) is pleased to announce the 4th iteration of its National Fitness Challenge sponsored by the Anthem Foundation. USABA is seeking up to twelve (12) partners in selected locations around the United States to provide ongoing sports programming to youth and adults who are blind and visually impaired. Beginning in September 2015 and running through the end of May 2016, the program will provide multiple sport programming blocks as well as basic fitness, health and nutrition education for participants. Partners will choose from sports such as but not limited to goalball, judo, track, rowing and cycling, and provide multi-week cycles in each sport. In addition, partners will help encourage and track fitness goals with the use of the FitBit wearable. With the support of USABA staff, each partner will host a Paralympic Experience Day where participants can engage with multiple sports and learn from health and nutrition experts. Each Experience will include attendance by a Paralympic athlete.

Partners will be eligible to receive up to $15,000 in funding to aid in the delivery of program objectives. Individual participants will be fourteen (14) years of age and older.
Program Objective: To increase the physical activities of all participants and demonstrate sustained Center for Disease Control levels for the duration of the program.

USABA is seeking eligible agencies and organizations in the following regions:
• Sacramento, CA
• San Francisco, CA
• Los Angeles, CA
• Austin, TX
• Atlanta, GA
• St. Louis, MO
• Denver, CO
• Indianapolis, IN
• Cleveland, OH
• Cincinnati, OH
• Phoenix, AZ
• Lexington, KY

Program partners must commit to the following:
• Provide at least 18 weeks of sport programming across 3 different sports (approved by USABA) (Programs do not have to run consecutively)
• Host at least one Paralympic Experience Day in partnership with USABA
• Provide training and support to program participants with the use of the FitBit wearable
• Provide timely data to USABA collected from the FitBit wearable
• Share participant contact information with USABA
• Commit to the full programmatic period

Partners will be eligible to receive as part of the program:
• Up to $15,000 in equipment and cash grants
• Subsidized and reduced cost equipment from USABA
• Support from USABA’s staff and expert coaches
• Status as a USABA Sport Club

Interested agencies must submit a brief letter of interest to Mark Lucas, Executive Director at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Deadline for program inclusion is June 15, 2015.

May 25, 2015

2015 USA Para-Cycling Road Nationals

Aaron Scheidies (Seattle, Wash.) and Shawn Cheshire (Camillus, N.Y.) earned national titles last weekend at the 2015 Volkswagen U.S. Pro-Cycling Championship in Chattanooga, Tenn on Sunday, May 24. Scheidies and his pilot, Benjamin Collins, finished the course in 1:27:12. This was Scheidies’ first road race. Cheshire and her guide, Mackenzie Woodring finished first in the women’s division in 1:30:26.

Nine USABA athletes competed in this year's Road Nationals. Below is the full list of Road Race results from both men's and women's divisions. For more detailed results, visit the event website here.

Men's Road Race Results

1st - Aaron Scheidies (Seattle, Wash.) and pilot Benjamin Collins (Chicago, Ill.) 

2nd - Chester Triplett (Mooresville, N.C.) and pilot Reuben Howden (Huntersville, N.C.) 

3rd - Clark Rachfal (Annapolis, Md.) and pilot Sean Metzz (Plainfield, Ill.) 

4th - Steven Walker (Redondo Beach, Calif.) and pilot Chris Foster (Redondo Beach, Calif.) 

5th - Kevin Meyers (Greenfield, Wis.) and pilot Kurt Page (Murfreesboro, Tenn.)

6th - Davian Robinson (Raleigh, N.C.) and pilot Matthew Russell (Woodbury, Tenn.)

7th - Charlie St Cyr Paul (Orlando, Fla.) and pilot Christopher Lancaster (Dahlonegaga, Ga.)


Women's Road Race

1st - Shawn Cheshire (Camillus, N.Y.) and pilot Mackenzie Woodring (Belmont, Mich.)

2nd - Amy Dixon (Greenwich, Conn.) and pilot Lindsey Cook (Madison, Ind.)



May 20, 2015

2015 IBSA World Games Recap

This month, four USABA athletes competed in the IBSA World Games in Seoul this month. With 6,000 athletes from over 80 countries, stakes were high.

Powerlifter Charles King (Philadelphia, Penn.) competed as the oldest visually impaired powerlifter in the US. King finished fourth in the competition and was interviewed by USABA ParaSport News correspondent here.

Dan Finan (Van Nuys, Calif.) was the only junior powerlifter in his weight class and finished 9th in the 90kg weight class.

Newcomer Nick Gasaway (Vacaville, Calif.) finished 6th in his first world championships appearance.

Track & field athlete, Kevin Brousard (San Clemente, Calif.) brought home gold in the men’s F13 discus event. “I had my best throw [44.47 meters] ever today,” said Brousard in an interview with USABA ParaSport News correspondent after the medal ceremony. “I’m very happy to come here not only to win a gold medal, but also to have my best performance ever in a great stadium. It’s a great moment.”

Congratulations to all four USABA athletes on their personal successes at this year’s World Games!

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