Athlete Development Accounts

As a membership benefit, the United States Association of Blind Athletes is pleased to make available Athlete Development Accounts to each member. An ADA is a member’s own personal checking account managed by the USABA staff.  ADA’s allow current members to fundraise on their own behalf in order for donors to make tax-deductible contributions to USABA on behalf of the USABA member. Athletes and/or coaches can then in turn use these donations contributed to the member’s personal ADA to offset training and competition expenses.  Click here to set up your own ADA Fundraising Webpage.

General Guidelines

  • The donor makes the check payable to USABA and on the bottom memo portion of the check, writes the member's name stating ADA. For example write John Doe, ADA (This is to verify which member account to code the donation to.)
  • USABA will send the donor a personalized thank you letter.   The donor can then use this letter for their tax purposes. 
  • USABA staff will keep an accounting record of each member's donation including the name of the donor, the date it was made and the amount.  The member with the ADA also should keep track of how much money and who made contributions to the ADA.
  • It is highly recommended that each member create a database of every donor which also includes the amount of the gift, the date and their address.  The member will want to send a personalized letter to the donor or meet with them in person to thank them for the gift.  You can include photos, newspaper clippings, video tapes and/or results.  A picture on the medal stand or coaching an athlete to victory speaks volumes. Let the donor know what their contribution went towards; i.e. to pay for partial travel expenses to compete in a regional event.
  • Members can withdraw money from the ADA at anytime.  The expenses can include anything related to training and competitions such as tournament fees, travel, uniforms, equipment, guides, pilots, etc.  Include all original receipts with the request.
  • USABA processes all reimbursement requests the 3rd week of the month.  Checks are typically dispensed the first week of the month.
  • Send all reimbursement requests to USABA 1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO  80909.
  • Please contact USABA at (719) 866-3224 with any questions or to set up an ADA account. 
  • Click here to create your own ADA Fundraising Page.
  • NEW:  Beginning Nov. 1, 2013 all ADA donations made by credit card will be net of credit card fees.  For example, a $25 donation will result in $24.09 into the ADA, a $100 donation will result in $97.14 into the ADA.